20 July 2018 — Written by Alex

Hi there

Long Merkle Trees...and short everything else?

We all know that crypto and blockchain as a technology are emerging, and there are some pillars yet to be built out. These pillars will serve as the foundation for the years to come.

We've witnessed several market cycles, and some amazing projects come out into the wild over the last couple years. It personally blows my mind, given back in 2015, a lot of this was just conceptual. There are always the people with negative opinions, but in terms of where the ecosystem was a few years ago, we've made tremendous progress. This is what is going to keep happening. We will see bull runs where everyone is pumped, and silent winters where teams are busy #BUIDLING

This is how a rigid ecosystem is built out. There is a huge amount of noise within the crypto space, and lots of people in it for the money. This leads to people forgetting the #1 rule in business(or anywhere really): Value proposition matters the most

This website will be a compilation of my thoughts, analysis and essays regarding crypto in general. I will try to make sure I cater to technical and non technical people, but the underlying goal is to provide value proposition

I've done this consulting for projects, angels and have written for major crypto publications. If you'd like to talk more, reach out!

So, there you have it... enjoy!