20 July 2018 — Written by Alex


Hi! I've written within the crypto space since 2014, and have been an early crypto user. I saw ethereum grow from just a whitepaper to what it is right now, and understand the challenges towards what the vision 10 years down the line is.

Previously, I've consulted with angel investors, performing due diligence and research on crypto projects. I've written well researched and analytical articles analyzing blolckchain data, making inferences backed up by data.

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TheMerkle(now NullTx)

Note: The content I've written has been migrated to different domains, and the author citation has switched to the editor.

CoinsHost blog:

Coinshost is a member of the incloudibly network. They have more than 3500 customers and are focused on DDoS protection, with state of the art data centers

CoinBrief(A months work - March 2015)

The blog has since then merged into another prominent site, 99bitcoins with links being redirected to new URL's




Note: The site is currently offline, you can verify by looking up web.archive.org, I am listing the titles of the articles I wrote.

  • Ledger wallet: The Bitcoin security we've all been waiting for
  • Goldman Sachs invests $50 million in Circle
  • Online Bitcoin wallets: Coinbase vs Blockchain.info
  • What is cloud mining?
  • Hot and Cold wallets compared

Other websites(currently offline)

  • DailySatoshi
  • BitcoinHardwareWallet.org
  • BestBitcoinWallet.info